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The singular beauty of Antonym jewelry can be elevated in your own bespoke design.
Create your own piece using our exotic, luxurious and natural materials, such as:

Semi-precious and precious gemstones
and metals including diamonds of every color and variety
Fossilized wooly mammoth bone and other ethical natural
materials sourced from the Inuit of northern Canada
Rare and beautiful ammonite found only in the rocky
mountains of North America
Ethical conflict free Canadian diamonds.  Handcrafted in North America.

Contact info@maisonantonym.com to order your special jewelry piece.

Scroll down to see the Antonym bespoke photo gallery. Please click on each image to enlarge.





Blue and Green Tourmaline, Diamond and White Gold Ring

Natural Otolith Bone, Gold

and Diamond Earring

Natural Otolith Bone

and Gold Earring