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The Finer Points of Antonym
Antonym Jewelry is handcrafted by artisans in the USA.

What is vermeil?

Vermeil is gold plated sterling silver or brass that has been treated to a more secure
and stronger plating process than regular gold plated pieces. There are some individuals
who may be allergic to these metals. Most of Antonym's pieces have a sterling base.
Please contact if you have any questions.


Sizing of open back rings

The open back design on certain Antonym Jewelry rings allow for easier sizing
by your local jeweler.  Please do not attempt to size the ring yourself by bending
the ring, as it may affect the overall shape of the piece.  Antonym Jewelry will
not accept returns or exchanges of rings that have been bent by hand.


How to place a cuff on your wrist

Antonym Jewelry cuffs with an open back design may be bent slightly and
carefully in order slip onto your wrist.  Please open the cuff with care. Then, slip
the cuff onto the inside of your wrist to be worn. Turn the cuff and position right
above your wrist bone.  Gently close the cuff until it is comfortable for you.
  When removing the cuff, gently open and turn to slip off from the inside of
your wrist.


Care of your Antonym Jewelry pieces

Jewelry should be the last item you put on your body in the morning after
washing, applying cosmetics, lotion, hair products and cologne and the first
thing you take off at night.  Clean Antonym Jewelry with only gentle jewelry
cloths or take it to your local jeweler.  Avoid wearing in water and store it away
from light and air to prevent tarnishing.